Admissions Live - Higher Ed Women Speak: Managing your Enrollment Career

May 21, 2018

Growth within the enrollment management field is not always linear, and in particular, female admissions professionals may face tough questions and challenges as we progress within this field. How do you strike a work/life balance that still provides opportunity to advance? How do you find and develop relationships with professional mentors? What's the best approach to dealing with sexist decisions or policies? How do you juggle the rigors of the industry and its unique cycle while raising a family? Navigating these important questions is a difficult but important part of managing one's enrollment career.

On this episode of Admissions Live, we sit down with an esteemed panel to discuss the experiences and challenges of female professionals in the enrollment management industry.


Marketing Live - One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Exploring Mar-Com Operations Structures

May 18, 2018

Higher education now recognizes the importance of an integrated branding and marketing strategy. This episode of Marketing Live will explore centralized and decentralized mar-com operations. We'll discuss the pros and cons. It doesn't matter how an institution is configured. Working across the organization is essential. Tune in to hear innovative strategies for collaboration and cooperation.


Admissions Live - Tweet the Veep: Admissions Leadership and Social Media

May 14, 2018

Should I tweet this? Is it appropriate to respond to that Instagram comment? Admissions leaders have been grappling with the internal cost-benefit analysis tied to these questions for years. Dr. Josie Ahlquist’s recent article, titled “Tweet the Veep: 30 Vice Presidents to Follow on Twitter,” has again moved this conversation to the top of Twitter feeds all over the country by highlighting Vice Presidents in Enrollment Management and Student Affairs that have embraced the platform.

On this episode of Admissions Live, we sit down with Dr. Josie Ahlquist, Digital Leadership Author, Coach, and Speaker, Jennielle Strother, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services at Concordia University in Texas, and Dr. Kara Kolomitz, Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment at Regis College in Massachusetts, to discuss the benefits and challenges of having senior admissions leadership engage with prospective students, peers, and colleagues on social media.


Student Affairs Live - Developing a Comprehensive Co-Curricular Record

May 3, 2018

How can we provide evidence that student learning occurs outside of the classroom? What is the best way to document students' co-curricular engagement? In what ways might students benefit from such a record? How can the culture of the institution influence the design and implementation of a new co-curricular record-keeping database? On the next episode of Student Affairs Live, host Heather Shea will facilitate a conversation with several individuals from Michigan State University about their efforts to launch a Comprehensive Co-Curricular Record. Tune in live to this free webcast by visiting at the time of the episode (1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 2) or return to this site at any time to access the video archive.


Marketing Live - The Liberal Arts Value Proposition

April 30, 2018

In today’s economy, how do you convince students (and parents) that studying what they love is worthwhile? Can rebranding build community and inspire confidence within your institution or unit? In this episode of Marketing Live, communications and marketing leadership from Notre Dame’s liberal arts college will discuss how they leveraged outcomes data to launch a branding campaign that is reorienting the career culture on campus, and they will answer your questions on communicating the value proposition of a liberal arts education.


Student Affairs Live - Trends in Student Centers

April 26, 2018

What are the hot trends and issues in Student Centers today? How do you best blend technology, aesthetics, amenities, and a sense of institutional pride into community spaces that cater to the needs of modern-day students? How can intentional student center design lead to better learning and engagement on campus? What are the biggest challenges facing student center professionals today? On this episode of Higher Ed Live, Tony Doody interviews Debra Hammond, Corbin Smyth, Laurie Woodward, and architect Brian Schermer about “Trends In Student Centers” with questions related to sustainability, security, signage, accommodations for students with disabilities, and more.


Admissions Live - College Signing Day with Civic Nation

April 24, 2018

With May 1 quickly approaching, thousands of students are making one of the most important decisions of their lives; where to attend college. Since 2014, Michelle Obama's Reach Higher initiative has celebrated College Signing Day in an effort to encourage students to strive for higher education. Now in its fifth year, the initiative has grown tremendously and popular hashtags like #BetterMakeRoom and #ReachHigher are filling up timelines on social media.

On this episode of Admissions Live, we sit down with Eric Waldo, Executive Director of Reach Higher, to talk about this year's College Signing Day celebration, the impact the Reach Higher movement has had on America and future goals for Civic Nation.


Admissions Live - April in Admissions: Balancing Work without Burning Out

April 17, 2018

April is notorious for being one of the most challenging months in admissions. It seems to be a time when there's rarely a chance to take a breath, never mind a day off. There are yield events, counselor programs and vacation visitors on campus. We're jumping into spring travel. The cycle starts for the next wave of prospective students in junior and sophomore years. It can make your head spin. Despite all this, an enrollment team must be ready for anything and operating at its best.

On this episode of Admissions Live, we sit down with Brandon Kennedy. Brandon is associate director of admissions at Castleton University. We'll discuss tips for balancing professional commitments and maintaining health and well-being.


Student Affairs Live - How College Affects Students

April 5, 2018

Higher and post-secondary education professionals face intense scrutiny on several fronts. In these roles, we must have a working knowledge of college impact. And so, we need to understand the metrics that prove effectiveness. The newest volume of How College Affects Students builds on decades of research and incorporates findings from 2002 to 2013. It serves as an important resource for educators, administrators, researchers, and policymakers. The book reveals how colleges affect undergraduates economic, career, and quality of life outcomes. It provides evidence-based insights on the value of higher education. Join Student Affairs Live co-host Heather Shea on Wednesday, April 4. She'll speak with the authors of How College Affects Students. Hear how they distilled research for use in and beyond higher education. Heather talks with Drs. Matthew Mayhew, Alyssa Rockenbach, Nicholas Bowman, Tricia Seifert, and Gregory Wolniak.


Higher Ed Live Special Edition - Small Shop, Big Reach

April 3, 2018

Chris D'Orso is back for a special broadcast with Zachary Seidel from the NCAA Bracket-busting UMBC. During their historic run, UMBC's social media content stood up to big-time brands and won the hearts of thousands of new followers. Hear how this small communications team leveraged the March Madness spotlight to boost reach.