Advancement Live - Building a Successful Legacy Program

September 26, 2017

Children and grandchildren of our alumni can become our biggest fans—and our future students. In this episode of Advancement Live, Kim Infanti speaks with two universities about their legacy programs—including one that was recently resurrected after being on hiatus for several years. Learn about how to design engaging programs that will educate legacies about your university and strengthen their bond to the place your alumni love. We'll also discuss how legacy programs can enhance alumni giving, as legacy parents and grandparents develop even stronger affinities for your institution.


Higher Ed Live: Special Edition - Arm Wrestling with University Counsel: How to Win Every Time

September 25, 2017

In a crisis, communicating your message to the aggressive, detail-hungry media can be hard enough without arm wrestling with your attorney over every word. In this session, crisis communications expert Mark Weaver will discuss keys to addressing your lawyer’s concerns while still getting to effectively do your job. This session will provide practical tips that public relations professionals will be able to take home and implement for use in a crisis situation.


Admissions Live - New Insights from Admitted Students

September 18, 2017

Each year, enrollment pros revisit their strategies for yielding admitted students. The team at Eduventures has surveyed students to help us make informed decisions. The Survey of Admitted Students provides actionable data to help with the following: Better understand decision segments among admitted students Learn more about hidden drivers impacting enrollment choices Better understand the tradeoffs students may be making Better develop targeted yield strategies Other topics are covered in the survey. They include anxieties about the student experience. Plus, understanding the role of social media throughout the college search.


Marketing Live - Get Ready for Social Media Strategies Summit 2017

September 14, 2017

The Higher Education Social Media Strategies Summit will be held November 2 – 3 in Boston, Massachusetts. Each year, college and university professionals gather to learn best practices in social media marketing from peer leaders. For the past 3 years, conference committee members have fine-tuned how to build a compelling, relevant agenda that is both informative and inspirational. To get the most out of #SMSSUMMIT, prior planning will be helpful for all attendees. In this episode of Marketing Live, we will meet with conference organizers to discuss the do’s, don’ts, and Conference pro-tips you need to know before heading to Boston.


Student Affairs Live - Implicit Bias and Inclusive Language

September 13, 2017

Even well intentioned people can possess bias. Though studies have shown explicit expressions of biased beliefs and attitudes have declined significantly over the past few decades, measures of implicit bias remain persistently high. On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Tony Doody speaks with Zaneta Rago-Craft, Yoshiko Harden, and Lena Tenney to better understand where, how and when we develop our bias. Other topics explored on this episode include micro-aggressions and inclusive language, strategies for ameliorating bias, and tactical self-presentation.


Advancement Live - What Will Alumni Affairs Look Like in 2027?

September 12, 2017

This fall, we’re going to be thinking about the future on Advancement Live. For a strategic planning process to work, you need to focus on three things: how your audience is changing, how the world is changing, and how to best position yourself to deliver results. Keep in mind your institution needs in the midst of all this flux. In this fist episode in our 2027 series, we’re exploring alumni affairs. As we peer down the road and imagine our work ten years from now, we need to uncover the opportunities. We also need to know the challenges. We'll discuss things we can stop doing and how we position our organizations now to thrive in the future.


Student Affairs Live - #ThisIsUs: Confronting the Continuing Realities of White Supremacy in Higher Education

September 6, 2017

As the fall term commences on colleges and universities across the U.S., we have heard from many practitioners and scholars--given the recent tragic events that unfolded in Charlottesville--of an urgent need to continue the conversation about racism and white supremacy in our institutions of higher education and our roles as student affairs educators. Confronting the continuing realities of white supremacy facing institutions of higher education for many student affairs educators requires an approach to our work that acknowledges our own complicity as well as attends with care and concern for our students, and also for our colleagues, and for ourselves.


Marketing Live - Identifying Relevant Audiences

August 31, 2017

Various higher education marketing goals pertaining to specific audiences and initiatives have traditionally been met with challenges in terms of availability of technologies and data sources necessary to connect with the right people and inform important decisions associated with strategic planning.

In this episode of Marketing Live, we will speak with James Vineburgh, and experienced higher education marketer with extensive experience with market research, statistical analysis, and lead generation.

We'll discuss new data sources for research purposes, how to collect data from your target audiences for further communication, and how to gain a better understanding of how institutional brands are perceived in real time.


Student Affairs Live - Campus Crisis Management and Communication

August 31, 2017

While university campuses are typically seen as a safe haven for students, crises are bound to occur. What gets in the way of effective crisis communication and management at many universities? How has crisis management changed over the last decade? What some some trends and issues that have affected how we respond to crisis? What are some components of a comprehensive student affairs crisis response management plan? How fast are we expected to respond to a crisis in modern day? Is honesty always the best policy during a crisis and should universities apologize when something goes wrong? Who are the key internal and external stakeholders in a campus crisis?

On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Tony Doody talks with Richard Dool, Mahauganee Shaw, and Kathy Adams Riester to answer these questions and many more.


Admissions Live - Boston Bound: NACAC17

August 28, 2017

The National Association for College Admission Counseling’s (NACAC) National Conference will be held September 14 – 16 in Boston, Massachusetts. Each year, the premier professional development and networking event for admission professionals and school counselors draws thousands of attendees from all over the world.

The size and scope of the Conference can be daunting for both first-timers and veterans. To get the most out of #NACAC17, planning, for both professional and social endeavors, is imperative for attendees.

In this episode of Admissions Live, we will meet the Conference Local Advisory Committee and discuss the do’s, don’ts, and Conference “hacks” you need to know before heading to Boston.