Admissions Live - Trending Topics in Admissions: A Year in Review

December 18, 2017

2017 marked a newsworthy year in college admissions. Popular culture, the political climate, social issues, and technology helped drive a national conversation about the status of college admissions in America; the good, the bad, and the ugly. One thing is for certain, 2017 was a year of big stories and significant changes that will influence the admissions landscape for years to come. On this episode of Admissions Live, we are joined by Eric Hoover, a senior writer at the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Jon Boeckenstedt, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing at DePaul University and author, to identify and discuss the hottest topics in admissions in 2017 and how they will impact the field in the future.


Student Affairs Live - Trends, Benefits & Challenges: University-Community Relationships

December 14, 2017

On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Tony Doody talks with Beth Bagwell (Executive Director of the International Town & Gown Association), Dilnavaz Cama (Department Manager for Student Life's Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services at The Ohio State University), and Emily Allen (Senior City Planner for Neighborhoods for the City of Fort Collins), to explore trends, benefits, and issues in university (GOWN) and community (TOWN) relationships.


Marketing Live - Sharing Science Stories on Social Media

December 7, 2017

Faculty and researchers can be hesitant when it comes to sharing their work on social media. It’s up to communication professionals to explain the value in sharing their work. Hear from a long-time social media pro about building trust with some of your most skeptical colleagues – scientists. Learn how to take content from conferences and help researchers communicate real science via social media.


Student Affairs Live - To Doc or not to Doc: Considerations for Pursuing a Doctorate for Student Affairs Practitioners

December 6, 2017

Are you a student affairs practitioner considering a doctorate? How do you know if this is the right step for your career path? Is a doctorate necessary for upward mobility in student affairs? What are the pros and cons of pursuing a doctorate? What are the pros and cons of pursuing a student affairs career without a doctorate?

On this episode of Student Affairs Live, guest host Keith Edwards speaks with current doctorate student - Fernando Rodriguez, practitioner with a doctorate - Ed Cabellon, and faculty member and former student affairs practitioner - OiYan Poon. Guests will discuss their varied perspectives to help student affairs practitioners think more deeply about whether pursuing a doctorate is right for them or not, rather than just feeling like it is something everyone should do.


Marketing Live - Breaking Silos in Higher Ed

November 30, 2017

Silos in higher education aren't limited to the departments within your immediate structure. Silos exist across campus. You see them among academic units, athletics, and business operations. More appear in foundations and student support services. Higher ed builds silos to keep focus in one space. Too often this practice ignores interdisciplinary opportunities. The result: silos are not aligned with university priorities. A perfect storm of change is forcing us to break down these silos – technology, the great recession, new demands for transparency, accountability, and cooperation from students and leadership. Tune in to this episode of Marketing Live and learn how to break down silos using technology. We'll also discuss creating intentional connections with staff members. Some tactics include special projects, staff development, and internal hiring processes.


Student Affairs Live - Senior Year Capstone Experiences: Integrating and Demonstrating Skills and Learning

November 30, 2017

On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Tony Doody talks with Dallin George Young (Assistant Director for Research, Grants, and Assessment at the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition) and Mark Allen Poisel (Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock) to explore the latest research and good practices related to capstone and culminating experiences. You'll learn how to support students with inside and outside classroom experiences that bring together and showcase proficiencies linked to post-graduate success.


Admissions Live - Looking at Prospective Adult Learners Through a New Lens

November 20, 2017

We hear a lot these days about enrollment "fit" - the need for prospective students and schools to be closely aligned in order to ensure high retention and graduation rates. A laudable cause, no doubt, when it comes to the "traditional" student: those first-time, full time enrollees entering college right out of high school. Eduventures' recent Prospective Student Mindsets provides invaluable insights into understanding these students. But can "fit" be applied to the ubiquitous adult learner? While schools have learned much about the range and variety of traditional learners, the same cannot be said for older, working students, who are subject to a web of economic conditions, prior educational experiences, and the demands of work and family. This episode will provide some advance highlights of upcoming research showcasing the 10 distinct mindsets among adults seeking certificates or non-credit programming, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees.


Higher Ed Live: Special Edition - Marketing to Students in a Multimedia Landscape

November 18, 2017

In this new media age, marketing strategies require more than traditional modes of storytelling. And social media engagement requires integrating a variety of media across multiple channels.

During this webinar, Heather Eidson will share best practices in producing and distributing quality and internally generated multimedia content to build student engagement and loyalty. Participants will learn to identify key multimedia techniques and social media strategies when marketing to students and learn about changes that new media communication technologies have brought to the media industry.


Admissions Live - Improving your International Recruitment Strategy

November 16, 2017

56% of higher education institutions will struggle to meet recruitment targets due to visa/travel restrictions, according to the recent Global Higher Education Survey conducted by TERMINALFOUR. Colleges that are able to adapt to quickly shifting political and technological trends now have a big opportunity to build brand awareness and international student enrollment. That means taking international recruitment out of a strategic plan and putting it into action through multilingual websites, geo-targeted advertising, and much, much more.

On this episode of Admissions Live, we will be joined by Piero Tintori, CEO and Founder of TERMINALFOUR to explore ways colleges can differentiate themselves in international markets.


Marketing Live - We Work in a Pay to Play World

November 14, 2017

Paying to play with content on social media may seem frustrating, but it's actually giving us more value than ever before. Gone are the days of relying on organic reach, especially for small institutions.

On this episode of Marketing Live, Abby Meyer joins us to share why paid content is an essential and valuable piece of your social media plan. Learn how boosted content and paid ads helped the University of Nebraska Medical Center exceed reach and engagement expectations on Facebook, while accomplishing a high return on investment. You will also hear about the importance of accurately targeting your audience for paid content – something that was crucial to UNMC’s success.