Student Affairs Live - Improving Policies for Transgender Students

November 8, 2017

Transgender college students face many barriers within higher education institutions. Student affairs professionals can be key to not only helping transgender students learn to navigate these barriers but also in working to remove barriers through policy change. On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Keith Edwards speaks with Genny Beemyn, Kendra Malone, and Jodi Linley about how student affairs professionals can work to improve their own practices as individuals, through improving department and institutional policies, and shifting the broader institutional culture to better serve transgender students.


Higher Ed Live: Special Edition - How to Incorporate Texting into your Existing Communication Plan

November 1, 2017

You know a mobile communication strategy has to be part of your admission marketing mix. Now it’s time to incorporate texting into your prospective student communication plan. On this episode of Higher Ed Special Edition, you’ll hear from enrollment pros who have taken on this task. The panel will discuss how to add text messaging in your current communication plan. Plus, what changes once text messaging in the mix.


Marketing Live - AMA Higher Ed Preview

October 27, 2017

The annual AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education is coming up November 12-15. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to connect with more than 1,200 of your higher ed peers to hear industry trends and best practices, work through shared challenges, and discover fresh ways to engage your audiences. This episode of Marketing Live will start the #AMAHigherEd conversation early. Members of the conference committee will preview this year's symposium and discuss critical issues that attendees will explore.


Admissions Live - New Students Digital Expectations: More Insights from e-Expectations 2017

October 20, 2017

More and more, admissions and marketing departments are collaborating to reach prospective students. They are using social media and making digital marketing investments. The paradigm is (finally) starting to shift. Tune in as marketing and enrollment experts, Stephanie Geyer and Gil Rogers join our broadcast. This week, we debate the best methods for reaching students. Plus, the panel discusses engagement strategies that combine digital marketing and social media.


Advancement Live - What Will Alumni Affairs Look Like in 2027

October 17, 2017

This fall, we’re going to be thinking about the future on Advancement Live. For a strategic planning process to work, you need to focus on three things: how your audience is changing, how the world is changing, and how to best position yourself to deliver results. In this second episode in our 2027 series, we’re exploring communications. As we peer down the road and imagine our work ten years from now, we need to uncover the opportunities. We also need to know the challenges. We’ll discuss things we can stop doing and how we position our organizations now to thrive in the future.


Marketing Live - Managing Content Contributors

October 12, 2017

Regardless of what tool you are using, the key to your content management system (CMS) is the content contributor. People say, “Content is king!” but we know it’s the person creating content wearing the crown. You can help your content contributors by applying good governance practices. Having a system that runs smoothly is possible, and when it does, you get the best content produced efficiently. On this episode of Marketing Live you’ll hear best practices and lessons learned. Rethink your content strategy workflows to support contributors and get great content results.


Student Affairs Live - Searching for a Higher Education and Student Affairs Graduate Program

October 4, 2017

So you think you might be interested in a career in student affairs... for many, this means first looking for a professional preparation graduate program. But, with hundreds of master's degree-granting institutions focusing on student affairs or higher education today, how do you decide which program might be the best fit for you? Beyond asking campus mentors and searching online databases, you can employ a variety of other search tactics. And so, on this episode of Student Affairs Live, faculty panelists at four diverse institutions will address questions focused on choosing student affairs as a career path and the master's graduate program search.


Admissions Live - From Admissions to Campus Leadership

September 29, 2017

Enrollment Management has not historically been a primary source for burgeoning college presidents. That trend seems to be changing as colleges wrestle with increased competition, tighter margins, and political issues on both the admission and financial aid fronts. Successful enrollment managers now have a path to a college presidency. On this episode of Admissions Live, we sit down with Brian C. Ralph, Ph.D., the President of William Peace University in Raleigh, North Carolina, to discuss his career experiences and rise from admissions to the highest level of campus leadership.


Marketing Live - Employee Engagement and Your School’s Employer Brand

September 28, 2017

Competition for top talent has never been fiercer. Is your institution actively working to discover, understand, articulate, and evolve its employer brand? What perceptions do prospective employees – as well as current employees – have when thinking of your college or university as a place to work? What is the relationship between employee engagement and your employer brand? Organizational development and brand strategy expert Jeb Banner joins this episode of Marketing Live to tackle these questions, share best practices, and discuss the role that marketing leaders should play in strengthening their institution's employer brand.


Student Affairs Live - Organizational Change and Planning

September 27, 2017

On this episode we’ll share best practices for meaningful and sustainable organizational change and learn strategies you can implement immediately to move the needle in your organization. Blending research and real-life experience, we’ll explore questions such as: What are some common barriers and mistakes made in organizational change and planning efforts? Who is best equipped to lead organizational planning? Where can we look to internally and externally for assistance and guidance? How can we deal with the threat of change and feelings of anxiety when faced with the unknown? How do you avoid backsliding and sabotage? How should we best communicate during change to ensure that people feel like their ideas are heard and valued? On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Tony Doody speaks with Loren Rullman, Timothy Davis, and Beth McCuskey to explore these questions and more.