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Student Affairs Live - Transitions from #SAgrad to #SApro

August 11, 2016

Two years ago, we featured a large panel of (then) graduate students in Student Affairs master's programs on an episode called Current #SAGrads: Their Future in Student Affairs. We've invited them back to appear on Student Affairs Live and share what their first year was like as new professionals in student affairs. What challenges did they face? What do they wish they would have known in grad school? What is their outlook on student affairs now that they are in the profession full time?

On this episode, Student Affairs Live host Heather Shea Gasser connects with five returning guests who have all finished their first year working in Student Affairs to learn more about their transition from#SAGrad to #SApro. Joining Heather are Andrea De Leon from St. John's University, Matt Fenstermaker from Oregon State University, Jarvis McCowin from SUNY Broome, Gabby Porcaro from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and Jasmine Scott from The Ohio State University.

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