Higher Ed Live

Student Affairs Live - Post-Election: Safety, Dialogue & Student Engagement

December 8, 2016

The aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election has been felt on our college campuses. Nearly a month after Election Day, campuses remain locations where dialogue, engagement, political action, and student activism are all in a pivotal moment. This election has brought about concerns about safety balanced against a need to engage in conversation across difference. In what ways are campuses providing space for reflection, self-care, and dialogue simultaneously? How does online/social media platforms affect student political learning and promote dialogue (or stifle debate)?

On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Heather Shea Gasser connects with panelists to discuss these questions and more related to the aftermath of the 2016 election. Joining Heather are Dr. Cassie Barnhardt, Dr. Adam Gismondi, Alex Lange, Dr. Sam Museus, and Dr. Julie Payne-Kirchmeier.