Higher Ed Live

Student affairs Live - Navigating Workplace Conflict in Student Affairs

April 6, 2016

Navigating workplace dynamics might be one of the most critical—yet often unacknowledged—challenges facing student affairs educators. Unlike other careers that are competitive and driven by sales-and-profits, student affairs educators often seek opportunities to form connections, increase collaboration, and foster productive team-centered workplaces. Yet, underlying tensions between individuals, groups, departments, or even campuses can seriously undermine our effectiveness and our core purpose—serving students.

In this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Heather Shea Gasser talks with Dr. Kathy Obear, co-founder of the Social Justice Training Institute and author of a new book Turn the Tide: Rise Above Toxic, Difficult Situations in the Workplace, about strategies for recognizing triggers, choosing intentional reactions, and maximizing our effectiveness through self-care and healing.