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Student Affairs Live LGBTQ+Latinx Issues in Student Affairs

July 27, 2016

Last month’s episode on this channel featuring A Dialogue On Orlando generated a wider conversation about missing Latinx voices and the intersectional issues between the Latinx community and the LGBTQ+ community. In this episode of Student Affairs Live, we pick up that conversation and discuss the complexity of Latinx and LGBTQ+ issues in student affairs with an esteemed panel of scholars, educators, and activists (generated from an open call). During the conversation, we'll address:

What are the intersectional issues facing LGBTQ+ and Latinx student affairs educators?
How can we best support LGBTQ+ and Latinx students on our campuses?
More broadly, what does it mean to be a QTPOC (Queer Trans People of Color) from a Latinx perspective?
What is Latinx? We will also provide context by unpacking the origins and use of this term and discuss the complexities of gender and sexual identities within Latin cultures.
Joining Student Affairs Live host Heather Shea Gasser for the conversation are Dr. Trace Camacho, Dora Frias, Keith Garcia, Xajés Martinez, Julio Oyola, Dr. Raymond Plaza, Marcela Ramirez, and Brianna Sérráno.