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Student Affairs Live - Critical Issues Facing Senior Student Affairs Officers: Lessons in Leadership

March 5, 2014

The dynamic social, political, and economic landscape in higher education creates many layers of complexity for student affairs leaders. Increased scrutiny by outside agencies results in student affairs administrators being put on the defensive, forced to justify expenditures as critical to student learning and success. The ability to understand as well as articulate student learning learning and assessment measurements with transparency have become required skill sets for all who work in student affairs, but specifically vital to the success of senior student affairs officers or SSAOs. How individuals in these roles balance the competing demands upon their attention and their ability to navigate these changing dynamics provides important lessons for all who work in student affairs specifically but even broadly in higher ed.

Join Heather Shea Gasser, one of the hosts of Student Affairs Live, as she interviews three senior student affairs officers or SSAOs at three diverse institutions to discuss the changing landscape of higher education and lessons for leadership. Dr. Zebulun Davenport is the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, or IUPUI. Dr. Laura Bayless is the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at Wisconsin-Platteville, and Dwayne Todd is the Vice President for Student Affairs at the Columbus College of Art & Design.