Higher Ed Live

Higher Ed Live: Special Edition - Assessing and Managing Rapidly Emerging PR Issues

June 30, 2016

Join Jim Gregory, media relations director, and Natalie Vizuete, social media director, of UNC-Chapel Hill as they provide insight into a topic that affects all universities – rapidly emerging campus PR issues. Sure, prior planning is critical, but with an endless list of possible issues that could erupt at any moment anywhere across the country – not just on your campus – what processes do you have in place? How as a communicator will you quickly address these rapidly evolving situations?

Jim and Natalie will focus on two incidents in particular that instigated new methods and processes at UNC-Chapel Hill to enable the University to more quickly react. The first incident involved media mischaracterization of a freshman seminar as one that taught about 9-11 from the terrorists’ perspective. The second incident involved competing pro- and anti-abortion rallies on campus. The focus will be not so much on the specific incidents, but instead on the processes that evolved from them.