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Advancement Live - Presidential Debates: History and Engagement Strategy

July 19, 2016

During every Presidential election cycle for the last thirty years, the Commission for Presidential Debates (CPD), a nonprofit, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) corporation, has sponsored a sequence of Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates at universities around the United States. These debates are shining examples of citizenship and civility. They're also a great opportunity for universities to uniquely engage stakeholder groups and obtain international brand recognition and visibility.

In this episode of Advancement Live, we'll explore some of the history around the Presidential Debates. We'll discuss why CPD hosts debates at universities and how universities selected as host sites are providing unique and exciting engagement opportunities for alumni, students and the community. Join host Ryan Catherwood from Longwood University, host of this year's Vice Presidential Debate, Karla Schuster from 2012 host site Hofstra University, and Moira Kelly, Associate Producer & Director of Education and Outreach from the Commission for Presidential Debates.