Higher Ed Live

Admissions Live - Looking at Prospective Adult Learners Through a New Lens

November 20, 2017

We hear a lot these days about enrollment "fit" - the need for prospective students and schools to be closely aligned in order to ensure high retention and graduation rates. A laudable cause, no doubt, when it comes to the "traditional" student: those first-time, full time enrollees entering college right out of high school. Eduventures' recent Prospective Student Mindsets provides invaluable insights into understanding these students. But can "fit" be applied to the ubiquitous adult learner? While schools have learned much about the range and variety of traditional learners, the same cannot be said for older, working students, who are subject to a web of economic conditions, prior educational experiences, and the demands of work and family. This episode will provide some advance highlights of upcoming research showcasing the 10 distinct mindsets among adults seeking certificates or non-credit programming, undergraduate degrees, and graduate degrees.