Higher Ed Live

Admissions Live - Competency-Based Education and the Admissions Review Process

May 16, 2016

Education is constantly shifting to best meet the needs of students and their future paths. One of the recent shifts that a significant number of high schools across the US are making is a movement towards competency-based assessment and grading systems. Within a competency-based education system, "learners advance through content or earn credit based on demonstration of proficiency of competencies" (source: Iowa Department of Education CBE Pathways). Depending on the institution, this may drastically change the grading system and transcript information from what many Admission Offices are accustomed to, thus impacting a significant amount of processes across the admissions and financial aid review process.

In an effort to understand the impact of this shift and to offer support to Admission offices seeking to improve their review process to honor this newer system, Admissions Live host Nicole Lentine will interview Michael Stefanowicz, Assistant Director of Admission at Saint Michael's College.